* Open to anyone, people can either go to a site hosting a telemeeting (see CDCAN website at for locations) and click on Townhall Telemeetings" and then "Townhall Telemeeting Locations". Important: People should call the site that is listed to make sure that the location is participating in the townhall telemeeting - some locations can only participate on certain dates OR
* People can ALSO participate by dialing in from your own home or work.  This is especially helpful for people with disabilities and seniors or their families or workers who have transportation or have other mobility or resource issues that make it difficult to leave their home or work.

To access townhall telemeeting using a phone:
Dial this toll free number for ALL of the CDCAN Townhall Telemeetings
* Dial toll free number: 1-800-608-4143   Note: there is NO passcode.
* Tell the operator you want to join the CDCAN Townhall Telemeeting
* The operator will connect you

To access townhall telemeting LIVE using your computer
* You can access LIVE, CDCAN telemeetings from your own computer provided it has a high speed internet (DSL, cable) connection AND has internal or external speakers. 
NOTE: These instructions are NOT for any guest speakers for the telemeeting or co-moderators and are DIFFERENT from people who want to access the telemeetings using their phone (see above).  These instructions are for computer access only:  This will be the second  townhall telemeeting using the internet live, so some problems could occur as procedures are worked out. 
Step ONE (on your computer): Go to website:
Step TWO (on your computer ) enter Participant Code:   9280931
Step THREE (on your computer):  Enter your name (full name is not required)
Step FOUR  (on your computer):
* You should see a security warning pop-up. Please click “yes”.
* If you see this on your computer screen "Roll Call - Conference Has Not Started Yet" that means the CDCAN townhall telemeeting has not yet started . You will need to simply  click on the “back” button on your browser, wait about 2 minutes and repeat the log in procedure.
If you see the presentation screen you are logged in
* If you get disconnected for some reason, simply log back in. 
* Make sure your audio settings on your computer is not on mute. 
Asking Questions or Making Comments
* You can "ask" a questions (typing out your question on your computer) We will provide instructions on how to do that during the telemeeting. 
* You cannot ask a question orally (using your voice) however if you are accessing the townhall through the computer - you can only ask a question by typing it out. 
Note: If you wish to ask a question using your voice, you will need to either disconnect from the internet (or put the audio on mute)  and use your phone to dial in (using the dial information above).